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Hatoful Boyfriend Kink Meme

Everybirdie can have some fun.

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Hello and welcome to the Hatoful Boyfriend Kink Meme!

Here are just a few guidelines:

1. Please specify whether you want your prompt filled with birdies/humans. If you don't mind, please say so. Also, if you want specifically art/fic, please say so.

2. Non-anon comments won't be deleted unless given due cause, but do try to post anon most of the time. If you want to claim your fic/art, feel free to do so.

3. Please don't start wank - bashing another anon's pairing(s) isn't nice, and any comments that seem to be causing wank will be removed (this does not include actual prompts).

4. Please don't just prompt and never fill; I understand that there might not be a prompt you feel capable of filling at the time, but when there is, do try to fill it. If you just spam prompts, then it isn't fair on the people who fill and prompt.

5. Feel free to second, third, fourth etc. Just don't take it to ridiculous extremes.

6. Multiple fills are absolutely fine.

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azaki, birdies, fujishiro nageki, hatoful boyfriend, higure angel, higure anghel, isa souma, iwamine shuu, kawara ryouta, kawara ryuuji, kink meme, nanaki kazuaki, oko san, okosan, rabu, sakazaki yuuya, shirogane le bel sakuya, shirogane sakuya, tosaka hiyoko, tousaka hiyoko, uzune hitori
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